On this page, I hope to have zentangle craft ideas to stimulate the development of Zentangle Inspired Artwork.  Fun things, I hope.  I am also open for suggestions of things I could/should add to this page. 


Corner bookmarks fit over the corner of a page, or several pages at once. They are held in place by friction and are more secure than the standard bookmark. They have a front and back surface that can be tangled.  There are several ways they can be made.  The simplest way is to recycle junk mail by cutting off the corners.  You can get at least 2 from each envelop, ready to tangle.  You can also make them in various sizes depending on the envelop. 

Another set of simple Instructions 

A method that only uses folding of paper, but not glue, can be seen at on YouTube.

A third way of making the bookmark .

Some ideas for the future:

  1. Making your own Zentangle greeting cards.
    1. flat folded (1/2 fold, 1/4 fold),
    2. pop up cards,
    3. explosion cards,
    4. make your own envelopes for the odd-sized cards you made,
    5. other
  2. Decorating baseball caps / sun hats / shorts / tennis shoes, etc.
  3. Decorating dishware, cups, mugs, glassware
  4. Creating children's / adult's banks.
  5. Decorate your mailbox. (I am going to do this very soon, my mailbox is deteriorating)
  6. Tangle an outdoor house decoration.
  7. Zentangle and fake tie-dye.
  8. Zentangle garden stepping stones
  9. Tangling clay jewelry
  10. Tangling other children's toys
  11. No, I am not going to tangle my car! (but if I can find instructions, I will include them here) LOL
Which items do you want instructions for, first? (leave a comment)

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